Wiring to Enable PSM

In order for the PSM (Porsche Stability Management) module to work, it needs to know the throttle position and mass airflow rate. This page will tell you how to wire potentiometers and resistors to simulate these sensors.


For the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), you will use a Dual Rotary Potentiometer and you will wire it so that as the dial is turned, the voltage will increase on one signal wire and decrease on the other. You will be looking for about 1.66 volts at the signal 1 wire and about 3.44 volts at signal 2. Wire as shown below:

TPS Potentiometer

Wire Name Wire Color Porsche ECU Pin Potentiometer Pin
 TB Sig 1 YE/WH C24 T2B
TB Sig 2 YE/BK C8 T2A




T1B and T3A

TB Ground



T3B and T1A



For the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor, you will use a Linear Rotary Potentiometer as another voltage divider. You can also use one half of one of the dual rotary potentiometers you used for the TPS instead of buying single potentiometers for the MAF. You are aiming for about 1.3 volts at the signal wire. Wire as shown below:

MAF Poteniometer

Wire Name Wire Color Porsche ECU Pin Potentiometer Pin
 MAF Sig WH/BU C23 M1B





MAF Ground






The IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor can use a normal 2k Ohm Resistor to simulate 25℃ (77℉) air temperature at the MAF. You don't have to use this precise value, but changing the temperature will change the MAF flow rate value you need to simulate idle conditions.

Wire the IAT 2K Ohm resistor between the MAF Ground wire (Brown with White stripe) pin C9 and the Charge Air Temp wire (Blue with Gray stripe) pin C34.