Portfolio - Andrew Stowell - Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Two robotic arms I 3D printed and assembled. The orange one is an open source design, but I had problems with the printed gears and friction in the joints. The blue and gray arm is my own design that is belt driven and has bearings at the joints, among other differences. It uses a a vacuum end effector to pick up objects. The next steps are to add cameras and use visual AI to play checkers.


3D printed astro-photography star tracking rig from an open source design. It uses stepper motors and belt drives to correct for the movement of the Earth and allow for long exposures or multiple pictures of the same star. 


CoreXY FDM 3D printer I built from an open source design. The plastic components I 3D printed, the frame is made from 2020 aluminum extrusion and the rest of the parts I sourced from around the world. It uses a fixed heated bed at the bottom. The gantry is suspended from 4 Z motors and belts. It can measure the height of the corners of the bed and square the gantry by moving the Z motors individually. The print head is moved in X and Y by a CoreXY belt system, which ties the X and Y motor movements together. It is one of the most advanced FDM printer designs available to build.


Core XZ FDM 3D printer that I designed, 3D printed the parts, and built. The frame is also made from aluminum extrusion. The heated bed moves along the Y with a belt drive. The X and Z axis are tied together, the same as a CoreXY setup, but tilted vertically.


Adapter plate for a Porsche 911 conversion to a Chevrolet LS3 V8 engine. Designed from scratch, and sourced from multiple machine shops for production.


Pedal bracket for electronic throttle pedal for a Porsche 911. I did the concept, design, and prototyping. The production parts are 3D printed in house for each order.


Engine mounts for Porsche 911 conversion to a Chevrolet LS3 V8. I did the concept, design, and prototyping. Production parts are waterjet cut, and CNC machined from multiple machine shops.


CNC router with a custom table made from 4040 aluminum extrusion. It is used to make large prototypes and templates for the above parts and future products.